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Dilemma with baseboard color in bathroom

last month


My main bathroom is being renovated. i have had oak baseboards and trim before and intend to keep that as my vanity is of oak too. Issue is that now i will have a tub and a white beadboard wainscoting. What to do about the color of the baseboard of the wsinscoting? I could make it white but there will be a sudden transition from oak to white baseboard that will be visible. I could make it all oak baseboard for the wainscoting but it has some thickness and the baseboard will need to have a shift to the front.

Attaching pics here that shows how it was before and the newer picture where the green drywall will be the location for the wainscoting



Above is old bathroom pic

The green portion in the wall will be where the wainscoting will go but will not extend that much.

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