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Lighting advice! How to combine lighting with fans in vaulted attic

Hi all, I'm desperately in need of lighting advice/suggestions!

We have a huge vaulted attic space, to which we added a bedroom and bathroom as part of a recent renovation.

--The splitting of the space left a smaller (but still big) vaulted space,, with the following existing lighting:

--Two cans spaced along the ridge of the vault.

--Two fans interspersed between the two cans (one fan not visible in picture)

--Two pre-existing spots installed on the front window wall

The lighting in the whole space is pretty dim.

I plan on getting a couple of floor lamps, but the volume of the space will swallow them up if that's all there is.

I'm wondering what you think of removing the cans and installing two chandeliers, being careful to space them so they don't interfere with the fans?

Questions: What other lighting options might work in this space?

Appreciate your collective perspective!

(Apologies for the only picture I have, which was taken before a recent birthday party! the second fan/can are right above the picture taker. The spots are circled.


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