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Laticrete vs Ardex Grout for Master Bath with Bedrosian Cloe

last month

Help! I am pregnant and forgot to select my grout and they've begun tiling my master bathroom! Can you help me decide? We're doing the minimum grout lines recommended by the manufacturers, I really want the grout to just disappear. I hate, hate, hate dirty white grout and am looking for something that will just disappear into the tile.

Shower walls: bedrosian cloe white

shower pan: merola tile venato white textureed bliss small hex

bathroom floor: merola tile florencia porcelain in calacatta gold matte

I pulled a few samples from Ardex and Laticrete. I am leaning towards frosty (the middle grout in first photo) from Laticrete or Polar White (the first grout in the second photo) by Ardex though I am a tad worried that might have more yellow in it than I want.

Above all, I just want the grout to blend and not look "dirty" if that makes sense. I need to decide today and I'm working from 9am-6pm and then immediately after have a labor and delivery class until 8pm so major decision fatigue is setting in.

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