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Induction Ranges, AGA Elise, Cafe.. Hard to find consistent reviews

AnnieB H.
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We are remodeling our kitchen and my husband is very big on getting an induction range. I want two ovens (I'm ok with one regular and one small but we don't have the room for a second oven anywhere). I was pretty set on the 48" AGA Elise but I am starting to get cold feet. The 30" cafe seems so small for a cookspace, but appears to be the only other option for a reasonably reliable 2 oven induction range. Has anyone had any recent experience with either of these that could help with this decision? We'd buy a warranty no matter what.

Ilve, Fulgor & Bertazzoni all seem to have serious quality control issues and customer service issues. A lot of quesitonable feedback on JennAir, Samsung, LG amongst others.

If anyone has recent or some longstanding experience with induction ranges (in general OR on these two brands), I would really, really love to hear it before I pull the trigger in the next week.