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Do matching kitchen faucet and beverage faucet sets even exist?

2 months ago

Is anyone aware of a matching kitchen faucet + beverage faucet set?

I'm aiming to upgrade both my kitchen faucet and beverage faucet, and I'd like for them to closely resemble each other. During the course of my recent product research, I can't seem to see any faucets marketed or sold as a set. In fact, many within the same vendor product line don't even look similar.

I've already viewed Moen's product line as well as Delta's products, at length. I suspect the same finish from the same vendor (e.g. Delta's Artic Stainless) will help provide some similarity. But I haven't been able to find shapes and handles in a kitchen faucet that look identical (or at least very similar) to a companion beverage faucet.

Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks.

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