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Madame Anisette or Lady of Shalott, which one do you recommend?

Moses, Pittsburgh, W. PA., zone 5/6, USA
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My Lady Ashe is no more. She succumbed to Rose Rosette Disease which was discovered late in 2022. II finished her off with weed killer in early 2023 because in spite of my best efforts in removing her by more orthodox means she was so huge at 12' across growing on a 4' chain link fence, with a 4" trunk at ground level, my sawsall could not get her stump out no matter at what angle I took the saw to her. She will have been dead about a year come June of this year, 2024.

In her place I don't want to plant another Lady Ashe because she needed to be sprayed for black spot. Nor do I want another climber there because I have found out that my neighbors and passersby could not see the rest of my rose bed, my climbers blocking their view.

I've narrowed it down to either Madame Anisette or Lady o Shalott. Their long canes will be fanned across the fence, but not allowed to climb above, and over the fence, or so I hope to achieve. Also, climbers are traditionally short of blooms after the spring flush until the fall flush kicks in. I'm hoping of getting a more ccontinuous, season long bloom.


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