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Need Sturdy Rolling Drawers for Art Supplies

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I need a rolling cart type arrangement or drawers on casters thst will fit into a standard closet to house my painting paraphenalia— brushes, paints, pencils, pens, pastels, etc., plus sketchbooks. Canvases are stacked vertically so no need to house them. I keep trying to put in the drawer dimensions (need 17” either width or depth and he other 15” , with varying drawer heights but mostly 3” and maybe one drawer 5”) in my google search but those are completely ignored in the results.

Do anyone here have anything remotely resembling this? I’ve looked at Blick, Amazon, Ikea, Container Store and they all seem to have drawers that are too small (amazon) or cheap frames and bins that slide on runners (Container Store) or else have terrible reviews of flimsy drawer bottoms and delamination (Ikea). it needs to roll so i can pull it out of the closet whenI am using the stuff (use a spare bedroom with great light for creative endeavours) . Iwas keeping everything in a plastic bin but DH went a little crazy for the anniversary and I now have triple the amount of supplies I had. If they aren’t stored in a way that will enable me to access them easily I won’t use them at all. Prefer not to assemble anything but would if necessary! Do you have anything that works for you?? Thanks in advance…

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