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Can a kitchen be TOO white? Exhibit A

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

So Son and Future Daughter-In-Law have purchased a house. The kitchen is not at all to their taste. Blindingly white and shiny, with a horrible blingy backsplash.

However, it is updated and functional enough that they can’t really justify redoing it, especially since there are enough other areas of the house requiring attention and expense. Also, if they stay in this house long term, there might be bigger renovations required, that would likely involve redoing the kitchen completely. So they are sort of inclined to leave it as is (even thought they really dislike it)

I’m hoping to help them de-glossify and generally improve the aesthetics, with minimal expense or bother.

So the cabinets, counters, and appliances are staying. Although the (shiny! white!) floor tiles could probably be covered with vinyl flooring, S and FDIL don’t think that is worth the trouble and expense at this time.

I’m thinking:

-replace backsplash (pale blue or green subway tile?)

-paint hardware (brushed gold? Charcoal?)

-add some warmth with (wooden?) stools, blinds or curtains, maybe a small rug or runner.

I welcome other suggestions, and particularly some fabulous photoshopping to help them see the potential (Paul F I'm looking at you!).

Note: All furniture and other stuff are previous owners'.

Thanks everyone!

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