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Side Image of Frigidaire Professional 33” Freezer & Refrigerator?

last month
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Does anyone have a picture of how far out the Frigidaire Professional Series 33” Freezer Column (FPFU19F8WF) and Refrigerator Column (FPRU19F8WF) stick when installed with the 75” flat trim kit (TRMKTEZ2FL75)?

There are online pictures of the set face on, but few from the side.

My intention was to have this installed without a trim kit, flush with the top of the cabinet. I was under the impression the units would sit more cabinet depth than they seem to be. My contractor is encouraging me to order the trim kit, but my concern is installing the trim kit will force the unit further proud (into the hallway) since the installation video shows the top trim attaches at the hinges.

Is there a way to install the trim using parts of the kit, like the feet and top flat piece, and not have it sit so proud? I understand I may have misunderstood and the unit may not still flush. I am just wanting to make the best decision with the install and appreciate the Houzz communities expertise.

Thank you.

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