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Where to put the microwave?

P Sil
last month
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Hey Houzz community, I'm renovating my small kitchen and my counter space is limited. I'm debating on whether to go with an over the range microwave, or alternatively putting it into a storage cart like this.

I've never used an OTR microwave but I know that a lot of folks have strong opinions that a hood is a better option.

The downsides of the cart is that the microwave would be at an awkwardly low height and it would be outside of the main L shape of the kitchen. Of course the cart would no longer be mobile (I may skip the wheels), but that's not a con as I'm going to have a water boiler on top of it anyways.

Option A: Microwave over range

(note: the sink will be to the right of the dishwasher, and the countertop extends over the dishwasher)

Option B: Microwave in cart

Same kitchen layout as option A, except with a range hood

Option C:

Microwave on the countertop

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