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UPDATED WITH PICS Death of arborvitaes?

3 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I have approximately 20 arborvitaes that enclose my backyard. They are completely dead. Summer of 2022 was when I first noticed 4 of them dead. Just 4 random ones, not next to each other. Spring arrived and the rest were fine. By July the majority of the rest died. Wondering if there is a new insect or fungus to the area? I ask because my neighbors in same area of Central Jersey lost theirs also. Coincidence? I can't believe that. I thought maybe the invasive lanternflies did this. But looking them and their diet, it perhaps maybe them? But I'm leaning towards fungus or another insect. I've been googling. And believe me, I know these shrubs are a lost cause. I have enjoyed their privacy qualities and thought they were so pretty, staying green year round. They reached heights of up to 15'. Just beautiful. My Dad passed away in 2020. Thanks covid. I purchased the house and feel like such a failure. He was so proud if his beautiful arbs. So I guess besides asking if anyone knows what may have happened, I also hesitate to try and plant again....... I can't replace unless I start with 2' arbs because anything taller is not affordable. And is it worth it so close to the deaths of these arbs? Perhaps whatever killed them is still here, in the soil, etc??

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