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Spacing between & beside a pair of showerheads?

last month

I'm redoing our primary bathroom and we have a long wall for our shower along which we'd like to place two showerheads. At one end there will be a 4" shelf on the side wall, then a span of about 80", and then about 4.5" more for the top of a step down to the non-shower ("dry" room) side of the bathroom. There won't be a door between the 2 sides.

I'd like to be sure the 2 showerheads aren't too close together for comfort. On the other hand, I'd like to make sure that if you are showering on the one by the wall and nobody is using the other (we probably won't use both very often) you don't feel crammed into a corner of a large room, and also want to make sure that splash from the showerhead closer to the doorway won't send water over the step onto the other side (it's tiled, but still we don't want a lot of water spilling over).

Any thoughts about what's a good spacing? I read the spacing should be 36" between showerheads, so I could do 20", 36", 24", but I'm nervous about the corner. 22", 36", 22" to balance it? 24", 32", 24" if the middle spacing isn't too much? What do you think?

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