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Solid hardwood floors, pre-finished or finish on our own?

AnnieB H.
last month

I’ve been trying to find a very light natural white oak that has that raw look thats pre finished solid hardwood, 4”-5” wide, 3/4” thick. I’ve just about given up. All the pre-finished brands seem to be total garbage or are so insanely expensive its ridiculous. I don’t love the idea of engineered and if I see one more floor picture that says its wood and turns out to be LVP, I’m gonna lose it. I’m terrified anything unfinished will not be as durable. (kids- boys speciically). We live in an old 1968 house and are redoing it (finally) but selecting floors have become the bain of my existence. I’ve looked at maple, white oak, hickory…. ordered dozens of samples. nothing matches th ictres, matches the samles matches the box. 1) Are there any solid reliable pre-finsihed brands out there (ideally canadian wood) that aren’t mirage prices, but arent unpredictable big box flooring either? Or, alternatively, for unfinished, 2) where is the best place to get quality wood that is somewhat reasonable and 3) how do you obtain that close to raw look without giving it a weird white wash or darken it too much that the natural looks like builder grade. Desperate for help, each time I think a decision is made my husband and contractor have concerns. Natural maple - will scratch too easily and will be too variable plank to plank. Natural white oak, looks cruddy or is barely decent looking but a fortune. Every pinterest and blog and convo image or column ends up being engineered or lvp. I thought this would be the simple compromise for everyone’s taste and aesthetic and finding it shuld be simple and not too hard. It’s so not. 😔 Help. please.

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