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LG washer keeps going into remote mode

ken c
last month
last modified: last month

Our 13 month old (LOL, do they design them to fail after 12?) LG washer will not finish a cycle. The strange thing is it keeps illuminating the remote light, gets down to about ten minutes if we try rinse and spin (just to try to finish off the wash) and then just hangs.

I did an unplug and replug to do a reset. It looked like it was going to function when I set it back to a full cycle. However, it ran all the way down to 15 minutes and threw a "UE" error. On attempting a rinse and spin again to at least get the water out of the clothes, it is now insisting on remote again.

If I cancel remote mode manually, as soon as I hit the "go" button again, the remote light reappears!

Simply powering off and on again still leaves the remote light illuminated.

Any idea what is going on?

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