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Waterproof laminate in higher end homes?

2 months ago

Ive been a GC for 26 years. I‘ve always used solid 3/4” hardwoods up until a few years ago when I started using wider plank engineered wood. In the past couple of years ive used some LVP but mostly in basements. I was always afraid of hurting the home values.

I’ll soon be building another home for myself but leaning towards some of the newer waterproof laminate, not the old school laminate. We have 3 dogs, one being a larger Goldendoodle, and we want something that looks good but will be extremely durable to hold up well against scratches. We’ve found some that looks similar to a white oak plank that we like but are curious what others thoughts are on this topic. Ive always tried doing what i think others will like, but with it being our personal home that we plan to stay in for several years, i also need to do what best works for us now. For reference, this will be about an $800,000 home on 3 acres with an inground pool. Thank you in advance!!

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