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@roseseek-questions about "weakly, weekly" fert routine

bart bart
2 months ago

This post is aimed at Kim, but naturally anyone else who cares to jump in is welcome.

OK, here goes: first of all, the liquid fertilizer that I use says to apply 1 dose of fert to every 10 liters of water, and to use this every 10-15 days. Now, Kim, in your expert opinion, how do I translate that into "weakly, weekly"? Half a dose in 10 liters, and apply it every week? Also,do they mean 10 liters of water per plant? (sounds dumb, but I want to be sure).

Related to this last question is the following: I want to start fertilizing very early this year. Last year I had such terrible results with my new implants and juveniles (i.e., roses that are in their second or third season). It is getting harder and harder for me to get roses established any more. I'm sure that the increasing heat of our springs and especially summers is a major issue ,but some of it may also be due to the fact that I've been just putting out potted roses, no bare-root grafteds, and also cultivation issues. Once upon a time, it made sense to start fertilizing in spring,but any more,I think that's become too late. For example, this year we have had temperatures almost constantly above normal; several established roses flowered. The only thing holding the plants back was the lack of light,but that shouldn't prevent them from working on their roots,I think. Now the days are longer, and they are leafing out gradually, and I think the plants need nourishment when they are actually GROWING, which they certainly don't do in summer when it's 40 degrees Celsius in the shade. And part of the reason for this growth the fact that, thank Heaven, we are still getting blessed, blessed rain. But how do I coordinate the "weakly, weekly"concept with this? I must explain that weather in Italy has a particular tendency: for example, all of this week is supposed to be dry, then next week rain is predicted (hopefully correctly) on a regular basis. So, do I just apply the weak liquid fert in the sunny week, and then skip it on the rainy one? Sometimes that is not an issue- when it rains for most of the day, I can't go out to my land; I only have my car for shelter. But in a rainy week in which there's a day or two of sun?

Naturally I do try to add organics whenever possible: manure, cracked corn, and alfalfa hay. But I want to give these young plants a real boost NOW, before the heat becomes so intense that all one can do is concentrate on survival. I want to empasize that for now I am not in the least interested in flowering for these little guys; I just want them to be robust enough to not grow backwards and get through summer.

Any thoughts you have would be most welcome, and thanks in advance, Eileen

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