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EDITED-Decision Reached 2/22/24 10 am Paint color- Master Bath

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

So the bathroom reno is progressing along on track- was taken down to the studs and rebuilding- all the preliminary plumbing and electric has been done.Sheet rock is going to be in soon along with tiling.........which brings us to the paint color. They would like to paint before all the stuff is in there which makes I am asking if you have any brainstorms? I had thought i'd like a soft bluegrayish kind of color but wonder if someone has an idea that I might not have considered. I'm all ears and eyes.

I can only share my selections. Yes if this looks familiar it's because I've shared a few times seeking advice on lighting, vanity, mirror, towel bars, you name it.

Anyway- I need to pick a paint color. ( SW preferably but not required).

Picture of Chrome Sconce to flank mirror over vanity,

Shower Wall Tile ( the vertical) with bathroom floor tile ( hex) then

Vanity then bathroom floor . will have chrome faucets, black framed mirror, chrome sconces.

So- any suggestions ? The shower wall tile is also white with gray and brown and teeny bit smattering of rust/

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