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Booster pump location for a Gravity Feed Water system?

S Singh
2 months ago

Hi, this is my first time posting but I can use help.
I have inherited a large acreage with a spring/creek that is a run of 600 feet down a hill. Currently the math works out that the PSI coming out to 28 PSi by the time it reaches from the top of the hill to the end of the pipe. The pipe is 2 inches.
I plan to reduce that 2 inch to 1 inch to go to a site level 3 stage water filter system then down to 3/4 to a LED UV purifier since this is raw water.
The 3/4 is what will be going to a cabin home I'm building.
This system will have a 1 inch self cleaning/ auto flush pre filter to flush every other day to help the main filters.
My question is where to put the booster pump to get the pressure up to 55 PSi?
Can I have water flow through my system at 28 PSI via gravity, then taken the clean water and run it through a 3/4 pressure pump, or should I use a 1 inch pump before the whole filter system?
Please note, the cabin is off grid and power generation/ conservation is important. A 3/4 12v DC pump is better energy wise in my situation versus a 110v 1 inch pump using an inverter. I can go either but DC is preferable.
Thank you for any insights in helping me design for my situation.

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