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is there any name for this disease?

2 months ago

is it just canker? I've always confused canker and "dieback", they have rarely given me any trouble so I've just overlooked them for the 10ish years i've been into roses. From what I know both of them can be caused by a myriad of pathogens each and I know to disnifect pruners and to lop of and disinfect the sick chunk and so on...

This one variant or what have you usually starts from the tip of a branch downwards, as "spots" or "clouds" (they look a bit cloudish shaped to me, idk what else to call them) throughout. The plant in the picture started from the top, i pruned it off. A couple days later, "clouds" appeared and the canes took on a light yellowiness. Pruned that section off. Two days later, the darkness apeared at that joint, that is, from the ground up this time, and i understood then i had to simply let it die.

And well, I just had 3 bushes perish to whatever this might be, in succesion. My other question atm besides to just put a name to it would be if it would be ok to use that same soil the dead bushes were on to plant new ones. Thanks for your thoughts on this!

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