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Help with small compact kitchen range/exhaust...

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hi Houzz folks,

I am renovating a very small laundry to make it into a kitchenette: sink, min-fridge, and portable induction plate. This is on the second floor where the roof line starts mid-way up the wall. The ceiling, where it is flat, is maybe 6'7". So: low ceilings... I am very concerned with the smoke detector nearby (about 10' away), which goes off at a mere sneeze, it seems. (aerosol sprays etc.).

This laundry room (8x5) is off a bathroom (8x8) and hallway (~10x2). The induction plate itself would be located below the slanted part of the ceiling (see not-so-good drawing). The working idea is to install something in the ceiling, duct through attic, and exhaust outside through roof vent. We could also install something in the back and exhaust through wall to outside.

From everything I've calculated online (laundry room volume vs induction plate BTU vs induction plate width) it seems I need ~ 160-170 cfm.

This is a kitchenette, so no heavy duty cooking, but I can imagine someone frying up, say, bacon in the morning. (mmmm... bacon...), or a steak in the evening! So... smoke, odors, grease. My bedroom is right next door, so I'd rather not get those smells in my clothes!

I've been told different things:

  • don't sweat details, get something low noise, with a grille I like
  • sweat the details... get something rated for kitchen that can collect grease (makes sense to me)
  • get a 4" duct

I see so many different things online...

  • fans rated ~200cfm and under 1 sone ... but for bathroom (like the Panasonic whisperquiet)
  • fans rated ~200cfm for "bathroom and kitchen" but loud. (nutone Broan)... and really: does "kitchen" mean "range hood" or simply "can be placed in kitchen..."??
  • "under cabinet range hood" ... cfm overkill and... where would it go?? how would I install this?
  • "ceiling flush mount" again, cfm overkill and way over budget!
  • I've looked at tiny homes and see a "rather simple" extraction fan right behind the rangetop. Is this sufficient? If I get high enough cfm, will it handle smoke/grease odors?
  • I've seen portable countertop extraction fans. They look cute (though not my preference) but from the little I've read, they suck. (reverse pun intended)

Not the best drawings, especially the cross-section: there's a lot more room above that stick person!! But the point there is that anything *directly above* the induction plate would be installed on a slanted ceiling...

Thanks for any and all suggestions...

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