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What do I do about a zombie peace lily?

Quite a while back I had a perfectly adequate peace lily. It grew steadily, to where I thought it time to replant in a larger container. I did so, then followed my established watering schedule--admittedly, without checking the soil, going by what had worked before. After a few weeks I noticed it was drooping, so I checked the soil only to find that it was beyond saturated.

It turned out that I hadn't noticed that the new pot didn't have drain holes. Stupid. I poured out what I could then used a drill to make drain holes.

Ever since then, the lily has been stuck between thriving and dying: the leaves droop, have brown edges, but for at least TWO YEARS has remained stuck like that. A couple of months in I removed it from the pot to check for root rot; aside from a few roots that I trimmed they seemed fine.

I've periodically fertilized but nothing I do (including regularly checking soil dampness) seems to change the plant for better or worse.

The plant is in indirect light--a south-facing window but a half dozen feet from direct light. It had been doing fine there before the repot; for lack of another idea I just moved it to a spot where it would get more light.

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