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Need help updating exterior

Jo Stew
2 months ago

We bought our house (pretty much a complete fixer upper) a few years back and can finally start on our “wants” list after tackling a lot of “needs”. One of our first projects is to give the exterior a facelift. Longer-term plans likely include a wide covered porch, changing the siding, etc., but we feel like we need to do some smaller scale updates in the interim to add some more charm.

The bottom windows are different wide widths (65” and 95”), so not sure that shutters would look right… or would they? Can we do shutters on the top only? Do we add wide trim around all windows? Planter boxes? Ack! We need some help figuring this one out- any suggestions are very much appreciated! Not sure if it matters, but the house sits back from the road about 400’. *also, we’ll be saying farewell to the row of hedges along the front this spring…

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