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Add wood features? Stone or???

Walter K
14 days ago
last modified: 13 days ago

Just finishing up this carport addition and new stucco. At a loss for what to do to create curb appeal. Will update door, soffit/fascia and landscaping but need ideas for the ext walls and colors - thanks! (last pic is design idea)

Update: Thank you all for your comments and design ideas!! 1. The stucco is unfinished, thus need for color opinions (my 2 neighbors have a black/white and gray/white home), so I'd like to be the opposite (off whites). 2. Will definitely do the MCM door. 3. Like the idea of large concrete steppers 4. City is Orlando - a ton of MCM here ( I know mine isn't, but trying to achieve the same look). 5. I'd like wood, not sure yet where/how much. 6. Flat roof (non viewable from street)

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