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Grab Bars in the shower- any pix or wisdom?

20 days ago

I thought I had posted this on this forum in addition to Bathrooms but apparently it only posted to Bathrooms.........then we lost internet. We're back so trying agin.

We are getting grab bar in shower and now of course I'm reading and getting all different advice. I had visualized angled. Contractor said they'll do whatever but suggested horizontal. After reading a bit it seems that's the way to go ( ada). So now curious what length and where you've placed them and any other pearls of wisdom. A picture is most welcome.

I did get a good response on the bathrooms forum but it showed 3 grab bars recommended re ADA and I;m wondering what people actually do. We are totally mobile but we recognize that we are aging and it's a wise thing to have........ so no mobility issues currently.

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