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I asked this question in a different way I think, Now I have details!

17 days ago

I have 36 1/2 under the light box to fit a mirror...the mirror pretty much goes straigt across and is 6 inches tall, whcih I have alloted for...So if I want to have a few inches over the miror (frameless) and at the bottom (I dodn't want to set it on the blackspash) What height would you do a mirror that could fit nicely in the 36.5 space?Width is not an issue I have a 36 inch wide taller vanity. My thougth are to do a 31 tall x a 29 wide (the light is 29 inches wide), or would you just do a 29 x 29 square or a 30 x 30 square? Thanks...sorry I don't have any pics in there not for good with that...below is the light howevr...thanks so much....

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