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cold air from back of baseboards, 8-10 degree difference

18 days ago

I need suggestions. we recently moved into a new 2023 built home in december. inspection is done in Novemebr and no hot or cold spots found since it is high 70's. this is a inventory home and we are allowed only final inspection before closing

why we are seeing cold drafts from back of the baseboards and this is around the house where walls are facing exteriror walls.

we got blower door test done in February 2024, because we cannot find why cold air is coming into home.

Airleaks and a temeprature difference of 8-10 degrees found near the baseboards and outside smells are coming into home when doors and windows are closed. this is in Dallas,

attaching photos I got from builder.

1) before insulation -

2) after insulation

3) after drywall

4) FLIR pic showinf cold spots, this is the case all over the home with exteriro walls

Notes from blower door test - Energy Audit tasks completed:

1. Blowerdoor Test. National Average for new build homes is an ACH (Air Changeovers per Hour) of 3.1 - 3.6

Test Completed showing the home to be at a 3.89 ACH. This is an above average score for a brand new home less than a year old.

Home volume: 20,380 cu. ft. Home area: 2038 sq. ft.

2. Physical inspection of the attic and insulation levels: Average 14" depth (R-42) of Owens Corning L77

loose-fill fiberglass insulation. Insulation was disturbed in areas where workers had to comeback to the home to complete the building process or repairs. Insulation was not re-leveled leaving portions of the ceiling susceptible to outdoor temperatures.

3. Infra-red and regular photographs taken simultaneously of areas the homeowners had concerns of being too cold.

A: Infra-red pictures revealed that the exterior home walls are properly and completely insulated.

B: Infra-red pictures also reveal in areas of concern that cold air is penetrating the home by the base of the wall and causing a 7-10 degree difference from the average room temperature in the house.

please suggest what should I ask my builder or warranty department since this is 2 1/2 month old home

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