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Oven stack options- 2 ovens? warming drawer?

Erica Levine
19 days ago

Hello very wise people! We have an odd shaped kitchen (hacky sketch attached) and are trying to nail down our layout ASAP. We are doing induction cooktop, microwave is hopefully just barely going to fit in our very narrow (24”) island and we’re stuck on our oven stack. Deciding between: 1) two ovens 2) oven and warming drawer 3) oven and small convection oven 4) any other options are welcome. I know the convection oven can be used as microwave too but I’m super smell sensitive so tend to only cook certain foods in each appliance. We entertain bigger crowds a handful of times a year. We use toaster oven every day as well (my 7&9 yo’s use too) and that will probably be on counter- parked in an appliance garage. And if we don’t go with in-wall convection oven will need separate air fryer…but counter space is very limited in this room. Wall without cooktop will have 12” deep cabinets so no appliances can go there. It seems like warming tray could be helpful compared to second oven as we’d actually use it more than the 3-6x year we entertain large crowds. (We bake bread, pretzels, would use to keep dinners warm, etc.) And takes up less space. Thoughts? Anyone have option 2 from above and love/hate it? Thanks!

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