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What should I do to get my kitchen out of the 1980s?

18 days ago

I bought a 1940s house a year ago and haven’t touched anything in the kitchen yet. I was going to paint the cabinets, get new countertops, remove the wallpaper, etc. After talking with a few painters, they all said to just get rid of the cabinets. They were infested with mice and it seems like no matter how much I scrub them, they still feel dirty.

I had several cabinet builders come over and they’re proposing I remove the soffits and the wall between the kitchen and dining room. Then where the breakfast nook is they’d do a peninsula. If I went down this route I’d do the work myself but need to determine if these two things can even happen.

My house is worth probably $225k and I paid $200k for it. It’s not my forever home but will be here for at least 5 years.

What do you recommend I do? I want a super modern HGTV kitchen but don’t want to drop money I won’t get back when I turn around and sell. Thanks!

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