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Thoughts on fridge only in kitchen and freezer in pantry.

18 days ago
last modified: 18 days ago

I follow a few kitchen designers on tiktok. Recently one was discussing a plan that had a fridge only in the kitchen and the freezer in the adjoining walk in pantry. She was specifically showing the issues with storage in bottom freezer drawers. After thinking about it, it seems like a good option in some instances. I was already planning on having the ice maker in the pantry, so now I’m considering this as a possibility. This kitchen is in our vacation cabin so we go up there for holidays, max number that can stay is 10-12 people, but usually 6-8 is the norm. We usually stay 3 maybe 4 nights, a week at Thanksgiving. I also let friends use it on weekends we aren’t using it . I was looking at a fridge with about 12 cubic feet of space, and then a freezer with 5-6 feet of space. This is pretty much the same amount of space I was going to get with the 30 inch wide bottom freezer unit I was looking at, but now I can do a 24 inch and get a bit more cabinet and counter space in the main kitchen. My pantry will have a sink in it and counter space, so I was planning on it as a secondary prep area.

This pic shows the 30 inch freezer fridge in the plan. The red places show support walls that need to stay.

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