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What's the right color for my front door? MCM interior design.

John Battle
18 days ago
last modified: 18 days ago


I am trying to identify the best (indoor) color for my front door. My living room is southern-exposed and gets A LOT of sun / light during the day (sometimes too much). The walls are Decorator's White which helps to cool the room a bit. The shades and door are also white. All this white (I believe) makes the whole room look a bit washed out, specially seen from this angle and during the day.

I would like to balance it out to make it feel more cozy and grounded. With this in mind, I have included some black colored accents. I think they have helped, but I think it's not enough.

I think a dark colored door would help a lot. I half painted it with SW Iron Ore and I like the look, although maybe I would go for a darker black (maybe BM "Black"). I could also go for something lighter with a bit more blue (like Kendal Charcoal) to resonate with my blue seat. Or I could even go for something bolder, like an accent dark green!

What do you think? Any recommendations?

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