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Help finding Bosch IDS installer?

Warren Wu
2 months ago

I had a nice efficient Carrier gas furnace installed a few years back, but due to the emergency holiday circumstances, the contractor left an ancient, non-functional 60 year old condenser and coil in place. While I use heating mildly for about 7 months a year in the SF Bay area, I only have maybe a couple weeks a year in summer desiring air conditioning, though seems to increase each year.

So I'm looking to get a Bosch IDS heat pump (BOVA or BOVB) installed, keeping my Carrier furnace and Ecobee thermostat. In 2022, I was only able to find a couple of certified Bosch Home Comfort Pro installers within 200 miles, and the one that responded merely said the Bosch were incredibly backordered.

I'd like to try again in 2024, now the Bosch website returns 0 certified installers in the Bay area, even the LA/Orange Country area has only 1 in the entire metro area. Is there another way to locate a certified Bosch IDS installer, assuming one even exists in my metro area?

If there are none, does the 10-year parts warranty apply if installed by a non-certified installer? A read of the warranty doc suggests only that it needs to be a licensed HVAC contractor, but I'm not sure if I'm missing any other details that might exclude an independent contractor. For example, are licensed HVAC contractors able to easily order the equipment from proper distribution channels to ensure the hardware is brand-new? Or, the warranty drops to 90 days if Bosch can't verify the date of install - would an independent contractor have issues proving the date of install to Bosch's satisfaction?

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