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4.6 quake in L.A. County this afternoon

23 days ago
last modified: 23 days ago

At 1:47 there was a 4.6 quake in western L.A. County, and I felt it pretty strongly. It started with some light shaking, paused for a couple of seconds, and then there was a strong jolt followed by some light shaking, and so it came in three phases, which made it scarier because it felt like it could have been a foreshock. All three networks immediately switched to earthquake coverage, and there were lots of small aftershocks that followed it.
I filled up some water bottles because I realized that I had not been keeping them stocked properly. I think I have more in the garage, but I haven't checked them lately.
It's been 30 years since Northridge, and I've been thinking that we are due for another large one this decade, or in the next ten years or so. The San Andreas fault in southern California is way overdue, but these things are not really that predictable.
I'm sure others in L.A. felt this today, but so far there have not been any reports of damage. I will need to check the wall in my back yard, however, as it tends to move even during small quakes.

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