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Bathroom Design Dilema

Heather Carey
2 months ago

Looking for creative input! Please bear with me as I only have photos from construction on our rustic mountain home. Picture 1 is our current bathroom (minus the clutter and curtain). Our mock-wood tile shower, slate gray floor tile, and vanity are all loved pieces individually- but we are trying to make the bathroom more cohesive and relaxing. The second photo shows how we thought the vanity would work with the room- but our current lighting situation makes them look mismatched. Maybe adding a light above the shower would fix this. We are considering buying the vanity pieces in the third photo as we want more functional space in the bathroom anyway. And we will be adding the shower doors in the last photo. Any input on how to style the bathroom and make it feel complete is welcomed! Especially countertop color ideas with the third photo, paint critique, etc! Help! Thanks in advance :)

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