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several years ago I did have some sucess with garlic

but I dont remember what I did . Other than plant either bought garlic gloves from store or from a a FMkt. cloves. Cant remember what I added to that small raised circle bed to do so

. Most of soil in my raised beds are bagged "soil" or bought compost and so called compost from a Nursery or so called deliver top soil hodge pod for the last 10 plus years.

I believe i add "Rock phosphate" I had bought years ago back when I was in another town But I believe I used it all over the past 10 yrs plus.

I wish I would have written down what i put in then. What i did put in that 3 ft raised gal bed

It has or was green on top. las i looked. It kind of on stone wall edge facing the west. and south too. mixed in are some tiny weeds I pick out some every so often.

No way I could do soil samples because I have many many raised bed in dif pats of property.

Im fond of garlic and prob it it most days .

Would one of those TD meter digital typ work if Ican find mine . Say " soil in some rain water? anyone???? . Thanks all Blessings because we neeed all going to need them. prob soon in thsi crazy mixed up world ...