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Any ideas how to add lifting assistance (gas struts) to this project?

2 months ago

Hello! Below is an 80" x 28" x 8" memory foam mattress inside of a wood frame with wheels at the bottom and the top. The total weight, without a person on it, will be around 100 pounds. Let's call this thing a pod.

I'm trying to find a good solution to add assistance in moving the entire pod as seen throughout the 3 positions.

Not pictured, there will be two heavy-duty hooks at the top of the back of the wood frame, able to latch onto brackets secured into 2x4s and plywood bolted into the studs behind the wall. The pod can roll up and down as pictured and then be locked into place.

I looked at the idea of adding 2 gas struts by attaching the bottom end of the struts to the yellow wood on the wall and then having the top of the struts attached to the upper back of the pod. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a gas strut that can extend to 70" to make the pod able to come down as far as seen in the bottom position. Could there be a way to attach gas struts to metal rods attached to the pod?

I've also looked at some linear actuators. I found some that can extend to 65" but as slow as they are, it seems like I would be happier with gas struts and just manually pulling the pod up and down in a lot less time.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. There is more to the final product than pictured and this is something I'm desperately trying to complete soon.

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