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Identify with Fictional/Fairy tale characters?

18 days ago

Did you ever strongly identify with a fictional or fairy tale character, especially as a child?

For some reason, I strongly identified with the princess in The Princess and the Pea. I think that was because I realized that I was overly sensitive, but I'm not that way anymore, although it took me quite a while to grow out of it.

I had the 1954 edition of Cinderella as a child, and this was my favorite book, mainly because of her dress, but I did not identify with her. However, I did not identify with Prince Charming either. I did identify somewhat with Hansel of Hansel and Gretel, but I think that because of my German grandmother and the fact that I had a record (78 RPM, I think) that told the story.

I also identified with castaways in books like Treasure Island and Swiss Family Robinson, and I liked to pretend I was a pirate as a child. When I started reading Thomas Hardy novels as a teenager, I identified with all of his tragic heroines, but never any of his male characters. I especially related to the rural settings in his novels, and recently I discovered that some of my ancestors lived Devon and Cornwall, which may have been what he meant by Wessex.

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