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How to stop clothes turning inside out in washer/dryer?

Gillian Gilby
2 months ago


I have a new front-load washing machine and dryer I've been using and it turns all my clothes inside out every time I use it. I put my clothes back the right way after the washer to go in the dryer and they come out inside out again.

I understand that a lot of people choose to wash clothing inside out because it helps the clothes look better on the outside (pilling etc. is on the inside) but I have sensory issues and very sensitive skin and I can't stand the inside of my clothes getting rougher so I would like to keep the clothes from turning inside out when they go into the wash.

Does anyone have a solution they can possibly think of?

I was thinking some sort of clips to be able to clip the waistband of my pyjama shorts together to keep them from turning inside out.

1. Do you think that would possibly work?

2. What kind of clips would be safe to go in the washer and dryer?

But if anyone has other suggestions I am all ears. I've tried to search online but seems like no one else has weird issues like I do when it comes to this.

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