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OT - California storm

2 months ago

I think the below National Weather Service map is the best explanation I have seen as to where the most rain fell in the storm that came in on Sunday.

We live in the very dark blob just North of San Francisco, and locally we got about 4 inches of rain if you add up late Sat and Sun and Mon. We are now (for the first time this winter) slightly over our YTD "normal" amount of rain since Oct 1 (22 inches tot). We have been lucky and have not had any damage from any of these winter storms personally, although lots of huge trees came down (totally saturated soil b/c of prior storms the last 3 months plus 100 MPH winds will do that), and the power went out for tens of thousands of people. (On Sunday, the strongest rain and wind hit our area from this storm, and overwhelmed our sump pump in the basement for a while, as although the water was draining fine, it was coming down way faster than it could drain. The area of our basement near the sump got wet, but it is not "finished" - just ancient concrete and gravel, so not a problem. )

What is so remarkable about this storm is the amount of flooding and damage, and rain, that hit Southern CA. If you look at the map, that is evident. Folks who live there are NOT used to wet winters, properties and public infrastructure are gererally NOT set up for adequate drainage during days long deluges, and any rain at all can cause flooding. The news says that it is still raining in SoCal today. I hope everyone down there is safe - please respond if you live in that area. (Jeri, they said there was lots of flooding in Santa Barbara - how was it where you live?).


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