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I have a Cookie Jar decorating dilemma! Please help?

Kim Hudson
2 months ago


I have a small collection of cookie jars - it started out with my grandmother's old chubby baker, which is very special. I then picked up a few more vintage McCoy jars along the way. My children (and hubby who facilitated the buying) didn't realize my collection was "old" jars, and soon I started receiving gifts of modern cookie jars, too. So now I have 4 McCoys and 3 modern whimsical ones.

Well, they've always been above my kitchen cabinets like this photo, but I'd really love to find a way to update/group/display them that isn't so outdated. Problem is, because they were gifts from my kids, I can't quite get rid of any of them, except the vintage ones that I bought! Does anyone have any ideas? There is another row of cabinets on another wall, so I could split them up between the two, but am befuddled on what/how to group with them.

Thanks in advance. I read these discussions a lot, but this is the first time I have posted.

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