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ISO Advice for Backyard, Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Installation

Austin Steele
2 months ago

We are looking to install artifical grass in our backyard its about 9'x22'. Any and all tips or tricks welcome. Planning to DIY it with a friend who is a great landscaper but hasn't done artifical grass before. Any and all tips, tricks, do's and dont's welcome. Specifically:

1. Are you happy with your artifical grass over real grass?

2. Any tips for install we might overlook?

3. We have a 15lb dog who goes to the bathroom back there. Anyone else let their pets go to the bathroom on their turf? Is it gross or can it be cleaned easily? We have kids and people hanging back there so really would like to keep it clean. Any other issues with pets on it?

4. What about an above ground pool? We would like to put one in for the summer. Not a huge one. Any damage concerns with that?


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