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Mechanical heat-only manual thermostat vs digital thermostat?

2 months ago

Dear all,

Thanks for reading and helping with this question. We have a possibly 20 years old Honeywell Home (CT87K1004? photo) "round" heat-only manual thermostat (mechanical, not sure whether it has mercury or not).

The HVAC tech that will be replacing our furnace recommend that we replace it with a new digital thermostat (Emerson 1F86-344 Non-Programmable Thermostat for single-stage systems). However, I think our current "mechanical" manual thermostat is still working fine (I think), and it does not require any battery, while the Emerson one, as I understand it, would require replacing battery every 4~5 years.

What's the pros and cons of replacing such a round/manual/mechanical thermostat with a digital one? Thoughts or comments? Thanks again!!

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