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Mixing wood floor widths in same house?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We are restoring a farmhouse whose various rooms were built in 1820, 1930, and around 1970. We are replacing the floors in the 1820 foyer and the 1970 open kitchen.

We have our hearts set on adding wide plank flooring — 6 or 7” — to the foyer and kitchen.

The 1930 living room is sunken and adjacent to the foyer. It has 2 1/4” flooring with a mahogany border. Will it look weird, or make the living room floor look less special, if we put wide plank flooring in the foyer and kitchen?

We saw a thread here suggesting variable width as a solution but that doesn’t appeal to us. Should we do all the new flooring 2 1/4” or can the wide planks in the foyer be compatible with the narrow ones in the living room?

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