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Can this kitchen be improved?

2 months ago

Here is our kitchen, on a promontory with 210 degree ocean views. This building, made from local stone with beach sand mortar, houses only our kitchen. The cabinets were built on site in 1965 from packing crates. The cabinets were painted 25 years ago, otherwise everything is original.

The lower cabinets are hard to access because each level is set back.

The double sink barely fits on the countertop, which is 22 1/2" deep.

The upper cabinets are attached to a dividing wall, are not tall and the shelves are not adjustable.

There is a round table in the middle, which we like.

Here are the dimensions.

We're discussing redoing the kitchen to make the lowers more accessible. Does anyone have ideas? There are plenty of constraints. Walls can't change. Termites are an issue, so cabinets would need to be solid teak. Hurricanes are a threat. There are lots of geckos, so pots are hung or on milk crates.

While I would love a dishwasher, our gravity feed water pressure is inadequate.

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