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Hosta Q 2023 ............................

Super Bowl will be hard for me this year. Everybody wearing red and white. I am not to much of a football fan until the last 3 games. That is when it gets good. I was pulling for the Chiefs but only because I am going to a SB party dressed as Taylor Swift. I love costume.

Today is Q. Not to many. Show anything you wish. Talk about anything. Dog , cat, Dr, Quinn, Medicine Woman. Or birds. lol

I hate computers. It is what I worked on for 36.5 years. A new power supply is on order and I will be back up. I am on my laptop and I have 2 tablets behind me. I came out easy on this. I keep 2 thumb drives and back up often. I had all my important files so I was relatively calm. Just the time did not suite me. So all I can say is back up your computers often and back up your backup. Nothing is forever in the computer world and I have fried backups too. That is why 2.

On to some Qs today:

And we loved it.

A snowy Grand Canyon

Have a great day everyone!

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