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Asymmetrical House - Advice on Balancing

Nicole Behnke
2 months ago

I desperately need help on the exterior design of my beautiful, but dated, waterfront home. To save on costs, I want to keep the loft windows the same since they are already black exterior. The main level, on the other hand, I'd like to add a patio door and windows to maximize the waterfront view. When looking at the house from the outside (same as the picture), we will be adding a woodstove to the left corner, and on the right corner, we will have kitchen cabinets butting into it. So, the right corner needs minimum 27 inches of wall before a window. On the left side, I would love if it could be 14.5 inches of wall before the window, so that it's a symmetrical corner on the inside behind the woodstove. I've attached a picture of the corner I am talking about - the window on the right side of the microwave (mimicking the woodstove) is 14.5 inches away from the corner. I do not really want to shrink it because it is all waterfront view. Will it look really weird having a window 14.5 inches in on one side, and 27 inches in on the other side? With patio door in between? Or is there a way I can use siding/lights/wood etc. to balance it?

We will be redoing the loft balcony with a glass railing. Looking to keep the windows black exterior and a dark blue vertical board and batten siding.

Any tips and especially visuals would be SO appreciated. Thank you for your time!!!!

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