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Water Worker failing - what are my options?

I own a 125-year old house that was fully renovated by the previous owners. When we bought the house in 2016, we inquired about the presence of a large (86 gal) Water Worker in the basement, and were told that it was there to help increase water pressure. Previous owners claimed that the pressure issue was the city's fault and largely a result of our house being situated up hill from the city water source.

Anyway, back then our water pressure in sink taps, showers, etc., was decent, but would drop off after about 15 minutes in the shower or running the hose outside. Now, we're lucky to get 3-4 minutes of good pressure in the showers before it drops precipitously. The Water Worker was manufactured in 2013, so no surprise it is failing, but I'm not sure that it was ever that effective given that we only got 15 mins of good water when it was relatively new.

The previous owners took a LOT of shortcuts when renovating so I would imagine they went with the Water Worker as the cheapest, easiest solution to the problem. Is there anything else we can do? Would replacing the main solve the problem more permanently? How much might something like that cost? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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