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transparent holes in new leaves

kit kaye
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I have 3 plants (made from multiple cuttings) that have all been grown from cuttings of the same Adansonii plant.

All 3 have the same condition which has been present for over a year and i have yet to find any help online about it.

All 3 of these plants produce new leaves with clear spots on them (as if no chlorophyll is present).

Sometimes these holes will fill in, but most of the time they will get callus tissue and turn brown.

There are no pests that i can see, and i have treated them in the past with neam oil and anti fungal sprays.

See images attached

If anyone know what this is it would be very helpful.

I have had oedema in the past and i can rule that out.

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