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Baseboard trim and door casing for modern farmhouse

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Looking for some input/advice on baseboard dimensions and door casing trim. Modern farmhouse (more modern), drywall return on our windows. I'm leaning toward a 1x6" baseboard, square (simple) and something similar for door trim. I am thinking about a thicker door header 4/4 vs 3/4 sort of thing) than casing and baseboard. Header will be butted over casing (so overhangs by about 1/2" or so). Deliberating on door casing dimensions - I don't want to go smaller than 4". Thoughts? I was initially thinking 6" baseboard and header, with 5" casing on sides. But that may be to heavy.

Note this is ONLY for doors, and doors aren't that plentiful on main floor (open floor plan) but more on upstairs and basement.

One source of inspiration:

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