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Hard to find the sinks I need for my remodel! Can you help?

2 months ago

Hi All,

The house we bought has quartz countertops, and unfortunately - the previous owners made sinks out of the same countertop material. The main sink has a crack. Ugh. So we've decided to replace our countertops so that we can put in regular old sinks...

So I need two sinks. I'd like both of them to be stainless, single bowl, and undermount.

For the main sink, here are the specs:

25" length (left to right), 16" width (front to back), 9 or 10" deep

The cabinet is 27" wide from wood to wood.

This seems to be hard to find - I think it's the width that is screwing me up. I don't mind going with a 24" if necessary, but I'd really hate to go smaller.

For the island sink, here are the specs. I'd love to find a brand that has both so that they will match...

There's a 16"x16" sink in that space now, but I COULD go slightly wider (left to right). So...

16-18" length (left to right), 16" width (front to back), 9" or 10" deep

Can anyone direct me in the right direction? I've checked all the sink manufacturers websites that I could think of, and none have what I need.

Thank you!

- Jon

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