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Laundry Room Layout

2 months ago

We are doing a full reno on a house we bought and moving the laundry room from next to the garage to the second floor. Need some advice on:

  1. Do we need a sink in the laundry room if it’s right across from one of the second floor bathrooms? The current garage laundry room has a utility sink that we barely use for laundry purposes (we don’t take the time to pre soak anything) but we will use it to rinse out muddy stuff from outside. But now the laundry will be on the second floor so I can’t foresee us bringing anything too dirty upstairs. We would like to cut costs where we can in this reno but also want to make good decisions for house resale purposes.

  2. Thoughts on the layout of the laundry room/linen closet our cabinet designer created? She used the architects plans and he had the washer dryer there so she went along with it. But it’s bothering me because the washer/dryer is not centered with the windows, and I think it would make more sense for the washer/dryer to be on the right side of the room? And maybe the folding area in front of the windows so we can look out the windows as we fold clothes. The one lone top cabinet to the left of the window is bothering me too because it leaves this dead space where the hanging rack is.

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